Buy offshore crane, What information do I need to provide?

March 18, 2022
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Offshore crane is a kind of crane specially designed to operate in offshore environments. For loading and unloading cargo and materials in port and offshore conditions. Most of them are custom-made products because they are designed to work in the sea environment, which is more complex to use, so if you want to buy an offshore crane, what information do you need to provide to the offshore crane manufacturer to customize it? Here OUCO will organize some information for you about what you need to provide when buying an offshore crane, you can refer to it!

telescopic boom offshore crane

First of all, you need to provide the (SWL) safe working load of the marine and offshore crane, SWL means the capacity of the load and the radius relative to the crane, for example, a set of 5T10M crane, then 5T10M is its SWL, meaning the working radius is 10 meters and can lift 5T. Of course, taking into account the self-weight of the hook, the material structure of the boom and safety factors, we generally do not suggest to lift the weight of 5T, which is one of the necessary parameters you need to provide to purchase a crane.


Secondly, you also need to inform the offshore crane manufacturer about the type of crane boom, You can choose telescopic boom, stiff boom, knuckle boom or foldable knuckle boom, etc. This requires the user to decide according to future use, ship size and deck space!


The environment for working at sea will be more complicated. Therefore, It would be better to provide Beaufort level, sea state and wave factor of the sea area where the crane is used. According to the specific conditions of working environments, the manufacturer can determine the appropriate Design.


In addition, the height of the marine crane from the water, the power unit system, the crane self-weight requirements and the temperature of the application environment, all the above parameters are important. The more information you provide, the better the supplier will be able to meet your expectations. Then, provide you with a suitable design and precise quote. After order confirmed, the manufacturer can also complete the customization of products according to the specific situation.


After the GA Drawing is determined, special requirements should also be communicated with the offshore crane manufacturer in time. Including whether the certificate of the classification society(IACS) is required, some specific requirements for other accessories, the operating equipment of the cabin, whether the operation room needs to be equipped with air conditioning, the protection level of the electro-cabinet, etc.


The above is the information you need to provide to purchase a set of offshore crane. As a professional offshore crane manufacturer in the industry, OUCO founded in 1984 with a wealth of experience, advanced design and manufacturing capabilities, so if you have any need for offshore cranes, welcome to ask at any time!