How are grabs classified?

March 31, 2022
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Grabs can be divided into two categories: hydraulic grabs and mechanical grabs according to the driving method.


Hydraulic grab bucket itself is equipped with open and close structure, generally driven by hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic grab composed of multiple jaws is also called hydraulic claw. Hydraulic grabs are widely used in hydraulic special equipment, such as hydraulic excavators, hydraulic lifting towers, etc.


Mechanical grab itself is not configured to open and close the structure, usually driven by the rope or connecting rod external force, according to the operating characteristics can be divided into double wire rope grab and single wire rope grab, the most commonly used is the double wire rope grab.


In addition, there is a special type of grab bucket in hydraulic grab - electric hydraulic grab bucket, which can grab all materials and is mainly composed of unloader, spreader bar, cylinder, motor, hydraulic system, bucket body, bucket stopper and other parts.

remote control grab

It is a kind of grab with its own hydraulic system such as motor and hydraulic pump, and can be operated electrically by connecting external power supply through wire and cable, so it has high working efficiency.


The grab bucket is divided into three categories according to the density of the material to be grabbed: light (such as grabbing grain), medium (such as grabbing gravel) and heavy (such as grabbing iron ore).


According to the number of peels is divided into clamsheel grab and orange-peel grab, commonly used is the clamsheel grab.


For large pieces of ore, iron scrap and scrap steel, etc. should be used orange-peel grab, because it has a multi-claw, cutting edge characteristics, easy to insert into the pile, can get a better gripping effect.


There is also an imitation scissors structure principle of the scissor grab, its grabbing force can be gradually expanded with the closure of the peels, reaching a high value at the end of the closure; the opening of the bucket mouth and the area of the covered material is also larger than the general grab, which improves the grabbing capacity and is conducive to cleaning the yard and the cabin, but for large pieces of material because of its small initial grabbing force, the effect is poor.


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