What are boat cranes used for?

April 22, 2022
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First of all, let's understand what is a boat crane, boat cranes are mainly boom devices, deck cranes and some other auxiliary type of loading machinery mainly.We also called marine cranes.

Because it is used on the deck of a ship, so the general crane has a lifting capacity of 10 tons and below (of course, you can also customize the heavy-duty marine crane).

This kind of marine crane and other car cranes, like, have boom, gear turntable, reducer, winch and so on these major components composition. Generally by the crane comes with the motor and winch to provide power, drive the turntable 360 degrees rotation or crane arm inside the wire rope expansion, so as to play a lifting function of the goods.

Port crane, generally is used in some port construction of aerial work, such as shipyards, factories, workshops and shore and ship, ship and shore operations. Small harbor crane, generally has its own self-reliance, occupies an area of less, high efficiency, stable operation and other characteristics. With the continuous economic take-off and development, water transportation has become a major and distinctive mode of transportation. Whether it is a variety of ports or terminals are gradually becoming increasingly busy a transit station or cargo terminal. Therefore, the importance of the dock crane is particularly important when loading or unloading cargo.

Heavy cargo crane


This important loading and unloading tool, in addition to loading and unloading cargo, is generally used in the process of port construction work, as well as small shipbuilding projects. Especially in the construction of some ports, quay boat cranes generally play a very important role. General quay cranes are very efficient, with large lifting capacity and long enough boom extension, and large winch tonnage. Oil and electricity as well as occupy an area of less, stable work, high efficiency and these characteristics.

Generally we commonly small boat cranes, mainly for inland rivers, lakes or offshore vessels in general lifting loading and unloading goods to use. Mainly including boom and wire rope, winch, etc., and later some offshore fishery farming or lake farming also often use boat cranes --- it can be seen that small boat cranes are not only the main loading and unloading tools for port ship decoration goods, in other areas of use of the ship such as underwater salvage and a variety of marine fish industry operations are widely used, the application range is also more and more extensive.


A little larger than the small ship crane is the cargo ship crane. Cargo cranes can generally be used for shore-to-ship, ship-to-shore, and ship-to-ship loading and unloading operations. Its weight is not large, and occupies less space, high efficiency, stable operation, flexible steering and easy maintenance of such several features.

OUCO telescopic marine crane
Because often inland rivers and lakes work, so that the steering flexibility, stable operation and easy maintenance must be the salient features of small cargo cranes, such small cargo ships are generally inland rivers or lakes in these places of operation, lifting weight capacity requirements are not particularly high, but often the requirements of customers is to operate stable, easy maintenance. Especially in some of the use of grab dredger, and lifting and loading sand unloading coal machine work, as well as fishing net fish box and other operations. Flexible steering, stable operation, easy maintenance to show the importance of the general crane.

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