The difference between marine cranes and offshore cranes

February 18, 2022
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Marine cranes, also known as deck cranes by us, marine cranes have two types of power sources, electric and hydraulic. The scope of application of marine cranes is wider, including deep-sea marine cranes, and the safety factor is between 1.3 and 3 times.


As a general marine crane, we will install it on the ship for loading and unloading cargo and containers in ports and sheltered, stable waters. Under such environmental conditions, the wind is not greater than Beaufort scales level 2, and the sea state scales is not greater than level 1. Only in this way can the normal and safe loading and lifting of goods be guaranteed.
For example, the straight-arm marine crane produced by OUCO, its boom, as well as its hoisting, luffing, rotating device and operating room, etc., are centrally installed in a tower, and the tower can rotate 360° around its base.



offshore cranes


One difference between offshore cranes and marine cranes is the applicable environment. Offshore cranes are often used in open waters offshore. Compared with general marine cranes, they can adapt to more complex sea conditions. Of course, the requirements are higher, and it is suitable for sea conditions with a heel greater than 5° and a trim greater than 2°. It can be used for marine cargo ships, offshore drilling platforms, and supplementary living materials, equipment and materials.
For example, the Offshore Pedestal Crane produced by OUCO, including offshore Cargo Ship Crane, offshore oil supply platform cranes, etc.

Therefore, the difference between marine cranes and offshore cranes is obvious, and customers need to choose the appropriate crane type according to different use environments.
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