Story of me with 2017 NEVA Russia maritime exhibition

June 7, 2022
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NEVA is the most famous maritime exhibition in Russia, In 2017, I went to St. Petersburg for the first time to participate in the NEVA Maritime Exhibition, and totally impressed by the beautiful and historical city, which made my long travel very worth!


The streets of St. Petersburg

The streets of St. Petersburg


It is my pleasure to take part in the NEVA 2017, the 14th International Maritime Exhibition and Conferences of Russia, which took place at Expoforum’s Convention and Exhibition Centre in St. Petersburg on 19-22 September 2017.


2017 NEVA Russia maritime exhibition

2017 NEVA Russia maritime exhibition


The conference was host to 538 companies in the areas of shipbuilding design, ship repair facilities, marine equipment manufacturing, offshore technology, oil and gas extraction, marine exploration of the Arctic regions and the Northern Sea Route, safety, navigation, marine staff training and education will exhibit their products, services and activities while participating in the premier B2B marine professional platform in Russia.


Networking at the NEVA show

As sales manager, I had a friendly exchange with the local supplier, PETER, about the products.


Networking at the NEVA show(1)

After this meeting, Peter became our long-standing Russian client.


We OUCO Heavy Industry presents our solutions in fields of equipment manufacturing and marine and offshore technology. During this commercial maritime event OUCO shows the latest news and innovations on the marine and offshore equipment.

I was so happy that I could visit and meet our friends and customers in St.Petersburg, and we have talked about the details regarding RMRS standards, as in the futuer, it has so much potential for marine and offshor equipment.

We believe that our engineers have responded to all clients’ questions and clients also get an interest for new solutions for their projects.

maritime exhibition or trade fairs are always a perfect opportunity to join us for getting know each other better and for a business chat.

We are glad to have the direct meetings and interesting conversations. We hope that in the future our cooperation will be at least as fruitful and the talks started, will turn into successful projects.


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