Small Hose Marine Crane installed on Patrol Boat

January 5, 2023
Latest company case about Small Hose Marine Crane installed on Patrol Boat

The Hose Marine Crane is the ultimate hose-handling solution for hazardous applications. The explosion proof electric motor allows safe operation in all hazardous areas, while hydraulic controls ensure precise and smooth handling with maximum tactile feedback. Equipped with an adjustable arm to provide a wide range of motion and more stable load support, the Hose Marine Crane takes hose management to another level of safety and efficiency.

- Explosion-proof electric motor
- Hydraulic moveable arm
- High RPMs for superior control
- Heavy duty construction

- Intuitive controls and maximum hand movement lets you focus on your mission
- Arm adjustability gives you longer reach and increases stability when handling heavy hoses
- Exceptional torque capabilities are suitable for both small and large diameter hoses
- Engineered to withstand even the most extreme conditions, ensuring long life performance

OUCO is the place to go for all your hose crane needs! Our experienced team customizes small hose cranes according to your individual requirements and guides you through the installation process. We also specialize in larger, more versatile hose cranes when necessary. So don’t hesitate to contact us and ask questions about your specific needs today!


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