OUCO's 4T25M telescopic crane review and production

March 1, 2023
Latest company case about OUCO's 4T25M telescopic crane review and production

We are proud to announce that the 4T25M telescopic crane has successfully passed various tests under the supervision of ABS surveyors. Our customer from Singapore, who was very satisfied with our product quality and service in their previous project, has chosen OUCO again to order a telescopic crane. The crane needs ABS certification, meets level 4 sea conditions, and has a mannered system, which we are fully capable of providing.


As our second collaboration, the customer recognized our manufacturing capabilities and promptly signed the contract and paid the deposit. During the production process, we received a special request from the customer to provide explosion protection for the whole machine since it will be installed on an oil tanker. We worked closely with the customer to customize an explosion-proof electric control box, ensuring the safety of the entire machine.



Our dedication to providing top-notch marine equipment and excellent customer service has led to us providing over 50 ABS-certified marine cranes to customers in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and South America. If you require an ABS-certified crane, look no further than OUCO. Choose us now to provide you with the best lifting solution for your project.