Major project! Six 40m3 port cyclone dust hoppers shipped to Japan!

August 29, 2022
Latest company case about Major project! Six 40m3 port cyclone dust hoppers shipped to Japan!

In mid-August 2022, we transported the 6 completed port cyclone dust hoppers to the Zhangjiagang port in Suzhou, and then they were successfully loaded and shipped to Japan soon. The customer shipping by chartered vessel and will receive the product at the Ishinomaki Port in about a week.

Eco Hopper Ship loading

The Best Solution For Handling Wood Pellets

These latest produced hoppers are custom-made, as more powerful port material handling equipment, which can effectively reduce operating costs for customers and fully adapt to the local working environment.

40 m³ port cyclone dust collector hopper, mobile design, is an Eco hopper with flexible positioning. To receive wood pellets from vessels, which used for unloading at the quay area via 13 m³ capacity Grabs and shall discharge to a container on truck.

The Eco-Hopper installation under normal operating conditions will achieve a peak unloading rate of 400 ton/h and an average rate of 260 ton/h.

Environmentally Friendly And Reliable Cyclone Dust Control System

Dust collector hopper is extremely cost-effective. The dedusting system independently developed and designed by OUCO not only ensures efficient work, but also reduces the cost of the hopper.

During operation, the centrifugal fan runs. When the damper is opened, the airflow enters the cyclone through the suction port arranged around the hopper body.

The dust generated by the material enters the cyclone with the airflow. After entering the dust collector, the dust falls into the bottom of the dust collector. When the electric discharge valve is activated, it is discharged to the lower collection bag.

Packaging And Shipping

At Zhangjiagang port, we arranged the loading and fixing of the dust collector hopper, and now the customer has received the product at the port in Japan!

According to the actual working conditions, OUCO designs, customizes and produces dust control Eco Hoppers of different specifications for global customers.

If you have such projects, then please get in touch with us!


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