Four sets of 12m³ Remote Control Grab shipped to South Africa from OUCO!

August 5, 2022
Latest company case about Four sets of 12m³ Remote Control Grab shipped to South Africa from OUCO!

Recently, OUCO delivered four sets of 12 CBM remote control grabs to our customer in South Africa. We contacted the truck to deliver to the port.


On the OUCO shipping dock, our workers used a 40-ton dock crane to hoist the grab bucket and place it on the transport truck safely and stably. We carry all work out in strict accordance with safety regulations to ensure that we can complete efficiently the loading task!


We have sent it to Saldanha port, It has been installed on the customer's own boat under our guidance.

The 12m³ radio remote control grab is one of the best-selling grab products of OUCO. We can adjust the grab volume within the range of 6-12m³, which is suitable for various materials and working conditions.

We can also customize according to the specific parameters you provide.


The radio remote control grab is suitable for ships, ports, ore factories, etc. They mainly used it for loading and unloading bulk cargo. External power is not required.


It is hanged to the crane hook by connection ring and automatically closed by the lifting of the crane. It can be controlled by the remote controller, the grab can be opened at any position in the air, and the opening speed of the grab can be automatically adjusted according to the weight of the cargo, which not only reduces the impact on the crane and the grab itself during operation, but also ensures the grabbing speed. Buckets can be unloaded quickly!




The edge of the grab bucket adopts imported Hadrox wear-resistant plate and imported brand epoxy zinc-rich Jotun paint, which can work in harsh environments of high temperature, low temperature, rain and dust, and can be used for 80 hours on a single charge, which is very convenient to operate.


The remote control is imported from Italy, and the remote control distance can reach 200 meters! The OUCO remote control grab has received high praise from many customers due to its advantages of high cost performance, low failure rate and high loading and unloading efficiency. Many customers have repurchased!


If you are interested, welcome to visit our factory!






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