5T15M Offshore Stiff Boom Crane Shipping to Singapore!

August 24, 2022
Latest company case about 5T15M Offshore Stiff Boom Crane Shipping to Singapore!

Straight-boom marine cranes are suitable for ports, ships and offshore construction, with simple structure and large demand. Often used in marine services and handling general cargo.

This 5T15M crane meets the API 2C standard and is equipped with a multi-function cab, personal lift function. It took us 12 weeks to build the crane; the customer opted for a video inspection, followed by installation and commissioning at our terminal, and after everything went well, the product is now on its way to shipping.

Due to the impact of the (COVID-19) epidemic, the customer could not come to inspect the crane on site. After communication, our client performed an online video inspection and expresses great satisfaction.

After customer acceptance and CCS load test inspection, OUCO disassembles the crane. After repainting, the OUCO packaging team packaged the whole machine into two parts, the boom is stabilized by a steel bracket, the column, cylinder, operating platform and other components are fixed together by the bracket.

Because of to the extra long and extra wide dimensions, the 5T15M crane can only be loaded by ocean bulk carriers.

Stiff boom cranes, where the boom type is fixed, and mostly used in docks, fixtures and ports, with good stability. Have the characteristics of low cost, simple operation and high efficiency under different working conditions.

OUCO cranes have various working ranges and are available upon request. Stiff boom cranes are available with a wide range of certifications and many optional features.

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